Hosted Review Tools.

Hosted Review Tools.

In today's electronic world, more and more cases involve large quantities of electronic files – and this number is going to increase. It's hard enough to do a legal review without having to grapple with your software too. Happily, London Legal has developed innovative hosted review tools that will allow you and your company to easily manage and access large amounts of data, meaning that you can save both money and precious time – and just as good, your team will feel empowered and confident. The software is easy to use and navigate – it can be used on site or remotely, allowing global accessibility via desktop computers and portable tablet devices.

What we offer

Our highly structured, reliable and simple to use eDiscovery system allows you to locate and review the information you require swiftly and easily via an accessible, secure and scalable document viewer that you access online. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser – there's no need to download plugins or applications. Simply log in to access and review complex documents such as charts, spreadsheets and graphics.

If necessary, we can perform a cull on your documents by using keywords and data range searches before the system is loaded onto your own internal discovery or review tools. Or London Legal can securely host your data using our own in-house review tool or via Relativity, our technology partner. This serves to streamline and define your data and with more and more cases involving electronic files, this offers a way to review thousands of pages quickly and accurately and in a cost effective manner.


Remote accessibility
Simple to use – all you need is internet access
Highly scalable

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