Digital Batch Print

London Legal’s digital print service takes away the stress and reduces labour time of opening electronic documents or emails and attachments individually, printing and re-arranging them into order.

Using specialist software and industry leading printing equipment, our team is able to produce high volume digital prints from electronic data of virtually any format with fast turnaround and highest quality.

Our specialist in-house tools allow us to quickly extract and load data from legal review tools, emails and attachments, native format documents, or from electronic media including CD/DVD/HDD ftp sites and data sites.

Once loaded our team is then able to carry out a range of services on the data before printing, ensuring only the relevant data you require is printed, making review easier and reducing costs.

Services we can provide to your electronic data before printing are:

  • De-duplication so that multiple copies of a document are not printed
  • Metadata extraction for printing on slip-sheets
  • Exclude file types
  • Order documents
  • Set ranges for printing
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