Digital Forensics.

Digital Forensics.

From legal disputes to serious fraud, it is becoming progressively difficult to retrieve, search and analyze digital evidence. Information (data) can reside in a multitude of digital applications, creating countless file formats and be stored across global locations. Securing this evidence and analysing it to be admissible in a court of law, is a critical part of the process.

Digital Forensics encompasses the identification, analysis and presentation of potential evidence found on digital devices. Data stored on computers, mobile devices or cloud applications provide a wealth of information that help us understand user activity and enable us to identify, preserve and analyse the information for legal matters.

Whenever there is a need to manage and review electronic evidence in response to litigation, investigations or regulatory requests, Digital Forensics can be used to avoid spoliation of evidence.

London Legal partners with Computer Forensics experts to provide technology and process capability to help with the retrieval, analysis and management of Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Our industry recognized platform enables us to search through vast quantities of diverse data to establish meaningful insight and relevant patterns for the case in hand.

Understanding how to collect and organise data in a forensically sound manner can help secure positive outcomes in disputes and investigations involving electronic evidence.

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