Changing legislation and operational requirements increasingly mean that forensically sound electronic data collections, eDiscovery processing and hard copy scanning for legal discovery or case management must be take place on a client's premises, or within the country in which the data resides. Such on-site projects present a unique challenge to ensure the efficient collection of potentially relevant data in any discovery exercise or investigation. London Legal has global experience of carrying out on-site data capture, both at client premises and near to client premises within the country. The London Legal team has completed projects in more than 30 countries in Asia (including Mainland China), Africa, the Middle East, and throughout Europe.

We maintain scanning resources in the UK and Dubai allowing our team to react quickly to global needs whilst keeping transportation costs to a minimum.

Each on-site project produces individual challenges, which we meet by investing in the best tools for the job and in a skilled team who have gained experience working on projects worldwide. We design and plan each project individually and in close coordination with the client, combining corporate, legal and operational intelligence. We provide Project management, Operators, Technical staff, equipment and expertise to deliver sensitive projects in a timely manner on-site. This affords London Legal clients the significant advantages of successfully identifying and completing the collection of target information with the minimum of disruption to corporate operations.

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All personal data are processed in accordance with UK data protection legislation. All feasible security measures are in place.