Data Collection.

Data Collection.

Digital evidence may exist in many parts of an IT infrastructure, across multiple platforms or contained on a myriad of electronic devices; London Legal Computer Forensic consultants use industry leading tools and methodology to help organisations collect data in a forensically sound manner as the foundation of investigation or legal dispute.

Data can be collected from multiple sources including hard drives, mobile devices, proprietary archiving systems, legacy tape backups and cloud based applications. We have the experience and expertise to help you locate your data quickly and most importantly, help you use it

Mobile devices

Mobile device technology develops constantly and the amount of potential evidence that can be extracted and analysed is vast. Legal teams now recognise mobile phone forensics as an important source of evidence relating to legal investigations or disputes.

London Legal Computer Forensic consultants can assist with recovering and presenting evidence for legal matters such as:

  • • Call logs and contacts
  • • SMS/MMS
  • • Web browsing history
  • • GPS and Map Data
  • • Geotags/geolocation history
  • • Social networking activity
  • • Email

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