Data Collection.

Data Collection.

Our data collection teams handle matter from many and various sources including hard drives, mobile devices, proprietary archiving systems and legacy tape backups. Our teams have the experience and the expertise to help you locate your data quickly and, most importantly, help you extract it from the relevant system.

  • - Preserve and collect potentially relevant data in a forensically sound manner
  • - Forensically proven technologies (AccessData, FTK Imager. EnCase)
  • - Full chain of custody maintained at all stages

London Legal qualified personnel preserve and collect potentially relevant data in a forensically sound manner from a variety of sources including laptops, desktops, email and file servers and portable media.

Forensically proven technologies (AccessData FTK Imager, EnCase, Tableau devices) ensure data security and inegrity throughout the acquisition process.

Specialized workflow, methodology and documentation is used to prepare and accomplish data acquisition projects. Full chain of custody documentation is maintained at all stages.

We offer Electronic Data Capture (EDC) – this is a system that allows clients to collect and review data in electronic rather than paper form. This is achieved using web-based software and what is termed a 'thin client' – all this means is that all you will require to access and use the software is an Internet connection and a web browser – no cumbersome plug-ins or applications are necessary. Data can either be captured electronically straight from its source or transcribed from paper documents.


Better data quality: Specific checks can be programmed into the software to ensure the data meets required ranges and formats. Improved efficiency, as EDC allows you quick access to data, saving you and your company precious time.

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