Early Case Assessment.

Early Case Assessment.

Uncovering key facts within a large data set can be one of the biggest obstacles in litigation or an investigation. London Legal ECA is designed to help focus your data so you can gain insights sooner, assess key issues, reduce cost, and ultimately build a strong review strategy.

Using advanced search capability, data visualisation and combining Relativity Analytics, London Legal ECA allows users to gain an understanding of their data and make informed decisions on what they need to review. Once potential evidence has been processed, ECA enables -

  • 1. Data culling - The traditional understanding of ECA, cull irrelevant data and assess the overarching facts of the case.
  • 2. Investigation - ECA is far more than just culling data. What powers ECA is the ability to use traditional ECA actions but amplify their effectiveness through Relativity Analytics to explore data and make decisions on what data to review.

ECA and the Disclosure Pilot

On July 13th 2018, the Civil Procedure Rule Committee gave approval to launch a two-year Disclosure Pilot scheme for cases proceeding in the Business and Property Courts in England and Wales. Lawyers, industry experts, judges formed a working group committee aimed at tackling the widespread concerns expressed by court users regarding the perceived excessive costs, scale and complexity of disclosure.

What followed undoubtedly increases the need for early case assessment tools as eDisclosure must be considered earlier in proceedings. London Legal ECA bridges the gap between the wide obligation to preserve potentially relevant information and the new requirements to narrow the review and production of information.

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