Unitisation & Coding.

Unitisation & Coding.

Legal matters regardless of their size often has hardcopy evidence as well as electronic. Searching through paper files to find specific documents can be puzzling and time consuming.

Document unitisation is the process of determining boundaries (the first and last page) of a document or record via two separate methods: Physical Unitisation and Logical Unitisation. Physical Unitisation uses paper clips or staples to identify which documents belong together. Logical unitisation is where a human will determine pages that stick together and index them by fields such as page number, document type, legal description and recording date.

Once documents are scanned, unified and objectively coded, they can simply be uploaded to an eDiscovery platform for review and analysis.

London Legal team combines both services by providing on-shore and off-shore document unitisation and objective coding. We boast a well-trained team of coders and experienced project managers to build an accurate index of your documents. Our quality control procedures ensure and consistency throughout the project.

All your evidence, hardcopy or electronic, is organised in one location for a collaborative eDiscovery exercise.

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