Relativity Managed Services.

Relativity Managed Services.

Managing today’s eDiscovery data challenges can be a resource intensive and costly process. Taking the burden in-house to manage data workflow, software innovation, infrastructure and protect client data presents many risks and is difficult to provide true value to clients.

Relativity Managed Services offers administrative control of eDiscovery technology and workflow while leveraging infrastructure management and on-demand professional services. Experience the full benefits of bringing eDiscovery ‘in-house’ without the added burden of maintaining a complex IT infrastructure and support network.

London Legal provides a client domain functionality with an isolated and secure environment for you to manage your Relativity data processing and eDiscovery review workflows. We take on the responsibility of systems, technology innovation and resources to improve risk management and digitally transform operations and reduce expenditure.

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All personal data are processed in accordance with UK data protection legislation. All feasible security measures are in place.