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London Legal has established affiliations with a number of major law firms, professional services firms and corporations who benefit from our expertise for their reprographics and digital print needs.

Every Litigation, Property, Corporate or Commercial Department requires a reliable, specialised digital printing and copying facility. London Legal provides this service to a large number of major law firms in London and Dubai, each benefiting from our expertise in enhancing their in-house reprographics and digital printing services. We work closely with existing in-house facilities, adopting their working practises to ensure 'team work' of the highest calibre.

Digital Print.

London Legal's digital print service takes away the stress and reduces labour time of opening electronic documents or emails and attachments individually, printing and re-arranging them into order. Using specialist software and industry leading printing equipment, our team is able to produce high volume digital prints from electronic data of virtually any format with fast turnaround and highest quality. Our specialist in-house tools allow us to quickly extract and load data from legal review tools, emails and attachments, native format documents, or from electronic media including CD/DVD/HDD ftp sites and data sites. Once loaded our team is then able to carry out a range of services on the data before printing, ensuring only the relevant data you require is printed, making review easier and reducing costs. - Services we can apply to your electronic data before printing are: - De-duplication so that multiple copies of a document are not printed - Metadata extraction for printing on slip-sheets - Exclude file types - Order documents - Set ranges for printing - Page count - make an informed decision to print all of the documents or find out if e-Discovery is a cost saving alternative. File Type Identification. Are there files that cannot be printed, like video or audio files? Are there any password protected files? Are there a lot of plans and drawings? Are there any corrupt files?

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London Legal utilise the latest technology available in digital copying, printing and finishing equipment, ensuring high quality results and quick completion schedules. Our production team are dedicated staff experienced in this specialised service. They understand how important careful handling of the original documents is, through file deconstruction, copying and finishing. Each client's work is self-contained and monitored during each stage of the production process, whilst also being subject to strict quality control procedures throughout. Upon completion all by-product copies and printed paper waste are securely destroyed. We provide secure destruction of all daily paper (and electronic) waste. All paper is destroyed to DIN security level 4 standard. Additionally, we securely destroy waste HDD's/CD'S/DVD'S.

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With extensive experience delivering scanning services, we work closely with our clients and tailor each project specifically to ensure their needs and deadlines are met. Our dedicated team, working with high-end equipment and software, are capable of scanning any condition or size of documents, producing them into multiple formats to suit your review needs. All documents and scans are monitored throughout the processes, from de-stapling and unbinding through to exact reconstruction and thorough image checking for quality assurance before return to the client. Delivery of scanned documents can be made on encrypted external media, uploaded to a secure ftp site or loaded directly into your online review tool. Load files for all the leading document management and litigation support software are produced by our team. Additionally, we provide secure cloud storage for archived data, allowing highly-scalable, low-cost secure storage, with simple online access. Our scanning teams have carried out on-site scanning projects in many countries as this can be the only solution where security or cost factors mean that original documents cannot be moved.

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Document Finishing Services.

Finishing - Electronic pagination
Standard / Custom tabs
Binding (Velo/Comb/Wiro?)
Bespoke covers
Lamination? - To what size A4/A3
Hole punching Full range of finishing and binding options
Tab dividers, printed or plain slipsheets, hole punching
Creation of Branded splash pages and indexes?

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Electronic Archiving.

Storing hard copy documents has become a very costly process due to increasingly expensive floor space. Scanning the documents, applying indexing and bookmarking and electronically storing them can not only be more cost efficient but save valuable time when trying to locate particular files or documents Many of our clients are choosing to create electronic archives of their paper documents. Our archiving service includes deconstructing and scanning of documents, applying indexing and barcoding and applying tagging and pagination as required. The documents are then returned in their original state, with scanned images ready for upload to the client's own system or we can offer secure off-site electronic storage. Benefits: - Company information can be viewed quickly and word searched for easy navigation and retrieval. - Specified files can be assigned access levels for viewing by agreed personnel only. - It is more secure than traditional warehouse storage with lower risks of fire, flood, or theft. - Storage costs can be reduced and office space cleared. - Delicate plans and drawings are rendered more robust for viewing.

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Electronic bibles offer a comprehensive and logical document retrieval system – they allow you to store and have at your fingertips large amounts of data presented in an indexed, easily navigable style, allowing you to find what you require extremely quickly. This saves you precious time when working on a case. London Legal experts have designed eBibles for many global clients, particularly those dealing in the property or commercial law sectors. The basic eBible model is a collection of final documents relating to a case/project which are gathered together and burned to cd/dvd. We can scan all of your case/project related documents or process existing electronic files, making them word searchable and ready to be compiled. Once the eBible has been created, documents are initially viewed on screen as an index, which may be based on the existing paper filing structure. We create hyperlinks from the index to the associated files and quick review is strengthened by use of a powerful word search facility. We also produce more complex systems with multiple search fields and corporate branding, or which mimic the clients' website. Benefits Instant access to documents via the index or a keyword search, saving the need to sift through large quantities of hard copies. Powerful word search facility Increased production and output due to reduced research time eBibles can be shared between partners and associates No physical storage facility is required. Can be accessed remotely.

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