Data Processing.

Data Processing.

In a data-driven world, it’s challenging to review and analyse vast quantities of electronic information generated across multiple platforms. Regardless of the practice area or level of legal expertise, organising electronic evidence for a dispute or investigation is an onerous task.

Using Electronic Discovery technology to process data enables document information from different file formats such as raw text and metadata to be extracted, organised and ingested into a single document review platform. Searching for relevant information becomes a simple task and facilitates the requirements case teams need to adhere to in Litigation or ensures admissible evidence is provided in an investigation. Following these steps through one seamless platform gains you access to your case data in a timely, organised fashion.

The workflow narrows down your files by excluding irrelevant or duplicative raw data creating a more manageable data set to ingest for review. Monitoring every step enables real-time error handling and the opportunity to provide data sets on a rolling basis to legal teams. Data Processing empowers the user and facilitates Early Case Assessment to uncover key facts at the earliest possible stage of a review and focuses overall strategy.

At London Legal we combine services, technology and software to allow you to securely review and search across multiple native file formats within one review platform (link Relativity). Our qualified project management team are on-hand to consult on best practice for the most complex eDiscovery projects.

Data can be organized and reviewed in a productive way. Work with smart technology and make informed decisions to manage any legal process.

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