Data Processing.

Data Processing.

When reviewing or analysing electronic evidence in an eDiscovery platform it needs to be 'Processed' first. London Legal data processing involves a number of technical steps that leads to the ability to store, view and search across multiple native file formats within one review platform.

• Native files are first separated as single files in their own right, an example being emails and their attachments known as the 'parent email' and 'child attachment'. Individual files receive a Document ID or Control Number acting as a unique identifier throughout the review lifecycle. Embedding objects within files are also extracted so they can be searched and reviewed.

• Metadata from each file is extracted and recorded to its own field within the review platform, thus allowing the user to search across files based on multiple conditions (e.g. Emails from certain individuals or with date ranges).

• Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is used to scan electronic files to detect characters, letters or words within files that have been saved as images. These are often scanned documents or saved PDF files that do not have text that can be extracted electronically. This ensures image files can be included for searching.

Now the files have extracted metadata, additional steps can be applied to automatically remove irrelevant or unwanted files from the review and ultimately save time and review costs -

  • • Deduplication - Removing exact document duplicates from the population to avoid reviewing the same document multiple times.
  • • deNISTing - Removing irrelevant system files
  • • Date filtering - Removing documents that were created outside a particular date range
  • • Keyword filtering - Only including documents that contain a certain word or phrase

The remaining documents can now be indexed and published to the review platform and London Legal Project Management team will be on-hand to consult on best practice for your review.

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All personal data are processed in accordance with UK data protection legislation. All feasible security measures are in place.