Electronic Archiving.

Electronic Archiving.

Storing hard copy documents has become a very costly process due to increasingly expensive floor space. Scanning the documents, applying indexing and bookmarking and electronically storing them can not only be more cost efficient but save valuable time when trying to locate particular files or documents Many of our clients are choosing to create electronic archives of their paper documents. Our archiving service includes deconstructing and scanning of documents, applying indexing and barcoding and applying tagging and pagination as required. The documents are then returned in their original state, with scanned images ready for upload to the client's own system or we can offer secure off-site electronic storage.


  • - Company information can be viewed quickly and word searched for easy navigation and retrieval.
  • - Specified files can be assigned access levels for viewing by agreed personnel only.
  • - It is more secure than traditional warehouse storage with lower risks of fire, flood, or theft.
  • - Storage costs can be reduced and office space cleared.
  • - Delicate plans and drawings are rendered more robust for viewing.

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