Relativity data hosting.

Relativity data hosting.

Regardless of the number of documents in your review, you can handle them more efficiently and with more transparency than ever before.

The technology is flexible and multi-faceted so it can be tailored to adjust to different workflows.

Thanks to complex legal requirements and the sheer volume of electronically stored information (ESI), the disclosure process can become an expensive and daunting project – and as time passes there will only be more and more electronic data to be stored. Our electronic data disclosure service manages the electronic documents in an efficient manner, greatly reducing your costs and making the documents available for inspection in a form that allows those receiving them to search and review in a quick and easy manner. Relativity is a single repository of documents for your case, any number of people can review a case at any one time, all they need to have is an internet connection and this will allow the receiver the ability to perform sophisticated search and trawl through a large number of electronically stored documents in little to no time – a highly desirable facility.

London Legal offers an unparalleled suite of services across the EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) which is supported by the industry recognised technology Relativity. eDisclosure solutions import electronically stored documents from a client's storage facility into a searchable database – all layers of the document are captured which adds structure to the files, which allows easy and efficient review online. Each file and any attachments it has are sorted according to attributes such as name, subject and date and hosted in your review system. They are filed separately from each other, but a record of their relationship is made. Once in your system you have the option of exporting the data in different formats.

We can ensure that the process of Electronic Data Disclosure EDD (e-Disclosure) or e-Discovery allows data to be searched, indexed, organized, reviewed and exchanged with others in a format that is easy to navigate for all parties. Thus ensuring that the most relevant / pertinent information is highlighted early and accurately within litigation, bringing costs down and speeding up the process too.

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