Relativity Data Hosting.

Relativity Data Hosting.

Complex legal requirements and the exponential growth of electronically stored information (ESI) make the litigation disclosure process or organisation of potential evidence in a corporate investigation an expensive and daunting exercise.

Relativity is the industry recognized eDiscovery software platform acting as a single repository of data for your case. Case teams of any size can review large quantities of electronic information at any time regardless of their physical location. Case management becomes an efficient process and completely customisable to prefered workflows.

Through one seamless platform (Relativity) ESI retrieved from multiple data sources are processed and uploaded to a searchable database. Document information is extracted and stored to data fields to enable complex searching and investigative analysis. Numerous data types can be reviewed without their native application and organised for efficient review in legal proceedings within the single platform.

London Legal Relativity Certified Administrators (RCA) offer their expertise to create cost and time efficient review strategies to manage any eDiscovery project regardless of its size or complexity.

The service provides the platform to gather, organize and prioritize data for use as evidence, so you can focus on exactly what you need and true merits of your case.

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