Managed Document Review

Managed Document Review

Arguably the most important component of legal discovery is the manual review of electronic evidence. Whether reviewing 500 or 5M documents as part of a dispute or investigation there can be multiple case issues and workflows to consider. With increasing pressure to keep costs proportionate and discovery exercises simplified, the process can become very challenging.

When a firm or party engaged in litigation does not have the resource, expertise or budget to review large volumes of documents, Managed Document Review combines software, service and legal staff to handle the process.

The volume of documents, language considerations, data privacy requirements and the need for practice area expertise all impact the complexities of document review.

London Legal review managers develop a review strategy and source the appropriate level of legal experience and language skills depending on the individual requirements of your case. Our on site review facility equips the practitioners with the hardware and software they need to conduct document review and eases the relationship between project managers and reviewers.

Outsourcing your document review simplifies the process so your team can concentrate on the true merits of the case.

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